Words with their commonly misspelt variation MisspeltVariations go through pdf

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Pronouncing the words correctly (A) aba.cus ‘aebukus ‘abdumun , abdomun abil.ity uh’biluhti ab.nor.mal Aeb’nawml , ub’nawml ,aebuh’lishun Uh’bominubl Abor.tion Uh’bawshun Ab.sence ‘absuns Ab.sent ‘absunt Ab.sol.ute ‘absuloot , absu’loot abyss Uh’bis Aca.dem.ic ,aekuh’demik Ac.cede Uk’seed , ek’seed Ac.cept Uk’sept  ,ak’sept ‘aeksidunt Uh’kauntubl Ac.count.ability Uh,kauntu’biluti Ac.count.ancy(ant) Uh’kauntunsi(tunt) Ac.cuse Uh’kyooz Actor ‘aktuh(r) [...]

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