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Words with their commonly misspelt variation MisspeltVariations go through pdf

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List of words having different meanings in American and British English […]

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A ·         acclimate (verb) (UK usually: acclimatise) ·         acetaminophen (or Tylenol) (UK: paracetamol) ·         affirmative action providing opportunities in education or work based on race or gender (UK: positive discrimination) ·         airplane a powered fixed-wing aircraft. Alteration of UK aeroplane, probably influenced by aircraft ·         aluminum (UK: aluminium) ·         amtrac Landing Vehicle Tracked, military vehicle [...]

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Spelling Variants This is a list of British English words that have different American English spellings, for example, colour (British English) and color (American English). Word pairs are listed with the British English version first, in italics, followed by the American English version: spelt, spelled Derived words often, but not always, follow their root. Thus "neighbour/neighbor" give "neighbourly/neighborly", "neighbouring/neighboring" [...]

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Silent Letters

Silent Letters Silent B: aplomb bomb climb comb crumb debt doubt dumb jamb lamb limb numb plumb subtle succumb thumb tomb   womb   Silent C: abscess crescent fluorescent miscellaneous scenario ascend descend incandescent muscle scene ascent descent isosceles obscene scent conscience disciple luminescent resuscitate scissors   Silent D: handkerchief sandwich # Wednesday   Silent G: [...]

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Pronouncing the words correctly (A) aba.cus ‘aebukus ‘abdumun , abdomun abil.ity uh’biluhti ab.nor.mal Aeb’nawml , ub’nawml ,aebuh’lishun Uh’bominubl Abor.tion Uh’bawshun Ab.sence ‘absuns Ab.sent ‘absunt Ab.sol.ute ‘absuloot , absu’loot abyss Uh’bis Aca.dem.ic ,aekuh’demik Ac.cede Uk’seed , ek’seed Ac.cept Uk’sept  ,ak’sept ‘aeksidunt Uh’kauntubl Ac.count.ability Uh,kauntu’biluti Ac.count.ancy(ant) Uh’kauntunsi(tunt) Ac.cuse Uh’kyooz Actor ‘aktuh(r) [...]

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The following list, of about 350 words, is based on documented lists of the top 100, 200, or 400 most commonly misspelled words, rather than listing every conceivable misspelled word. Each word is followed by examples of misspellings: A–B absence – absense, absance acceptable – acceptible accidentally/accidently – accidentaly accommodate – accomodate, acommodate achieve – acheive acknowledge [...]

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Here are more homophone pairs than you can shake a stick at – just ask this pear of bares! It's quite likely that you will find some pairs on this list that are not homophones in your region. For example, boy and bouy are pronounced differently in some dialects, while they are pronounced the same in others. In order to make this [...]

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