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As we know English is the most widely spoken official language in the world. English language is indisputably the primary language of global trade and commerce.

So, when a student graduates, his/her vocational intelligence alone will not do. Vocational intelligence must be complemented by verbal intelligence. The students who are being churned out from colleges and universities are not entirely equipped to face the global competition prevailing today in terms of communicative competence. Laying a strong foundation at the school level for raising a towering edifice for a successful career has become the need of the hour… It is our promise to make learning a joyful and equally productive venture.

Spell Mate Book

Spell Mate Book

Have you ever wondered living without using English in your daily lives? English language encompasses all of us during our academics, official or private interactions. However children have started using texting abbreviations even while writing academic answer scripts and they continue to write in same format as in tweets and texting they might forget how they are originally spelt.

Spelling competitions create an awareness of the necessity to spell and pronounce words correctly. It also develops enthusiasm amongst students to learn new words and read more.

The English language is, quite literally the greatest language in the world, great in terms of size-the current edition of the Oxford English Dictionary contains 615,000 entries and it’s just one fantastic mishmash of borrowings, inventions, corruptions, misinterpretations, misspellings, alterations, words you’ll need and words you never knew you’ll never need.

This book is of our ninth edition, This is not a dictionary in the conventional sense, but a word book which comprehensively contains words which appear more frequently in our common usage and also words infrequently used. SpellMate is an attempt to meet the demand for a word book for students participating in spelling contest, as also for students who want to improve their English vocabulary.

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